Features of PlayStation 4


PlayStation four simply refers to an eighth generation home video game.  The video game came into existence due to efforts from thee Sony interactive entertainment.  PlayStation four was first launched in America making PlayStation 3 its predecessors.  PlayStation 4 was launched on the 15th of November 2014.  After the product was first launched in America, similar undertaking have been recorded in other parts such as Australia and china. The PlayStation four has become a great social consoles of many individual as through this video game, individual can opt to media sharing and online streaming.


PlayStation 4 is controlled by the joystick as the main control device. This joystick is referred as the dual shock 4. This dual shock 4 is connected to the console via Bluetooth. Compared to the dual shock 3, the dual shock 4 has additional features which make it better off to use and fast when it comes to controlling.  Some added features came in handy with the dual shock 4 as they have a touch pad and a motion detector.  Improved vibration and compatibility to Microsoft windows are some of the additional feature in the dual shock 4.   The dual shock 4 proves to be effective and efficient as it has a chargeable battery. Grab the ps4 for sale here.


PlayStation 4 are readily available for sale and in case technical problem, the video game can be refurbished by an expert. PlayStation 4 games are also available in the market and are availed by selected retailers and wholesalers.  If one is need of a PlayStation 4 game, he or she can download the game from the PlayStation store or buy the game from the blue ray disc cooperation.  Games require installation in the consoles before they are accessed.  After installation of the game, players are able to play the game in stages i.e. from one level to another.  For more facts about PlayStations, visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_(console).


The Sony company took into social aspect of the community as they formulated PlayStation four i.e. to bring social cohesion.   The feature of community creation, media sharing and online streaming are some of the methods used to archive the social integration and cohesion through PlayStation 4.  it is through PlayStation four that people who love gaming are united and through this unison, a community based on friendship is created.  This is made possible by refurbished playstation four players being able to join chat groups and launch cooperative games.  in order to archive social cohesion, the manufacturers of PlayStation four designed the joystick to have a share button which allow users to share media.  This button used to send screenshots or videos to other PSN users and or social networking sites. The last feature that brings social cohesion is that of online streaming which allows uses to have online conferencing.


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